The Eat for Endurance Podcast: Episodes

The Eat for Endurance Podcast

Please find below iTunes links for each episode, and a direct link to all episodes and show notes here

Episode 1: Welcome to the Eat for Endurance Podcast

Episode 2: Intuitive Eating, Weight, and Athletes – A Discussion with Heather Caplan, RDN

Episode 3: Athlete Nutrition Profile - Peloton Coach Matt Wilpers

Episode 4: Athlete Nutrition Profile - Endurance Athlete and Coach Travis Macy

Episode 5: Athlete Nutrition Profile - Strength Running Coach Jason Fitzgerald

Episode 6: Athlete Nutrition Profile - Elite Ultrarunner Maggie Guterl

Episode 7: Fueling Young Athletes - A Discussion with Sports Dietitian Lauren Antonucci

Episode 8: Athlete Nutrition Profile - Elite Ultrarunner and Low-Carb High-Fat Athlete Mike McKnight

Episode 9: Ask Me Anything - Your Nutrition Questions Answered

Episode 10: Nutrition and Running - A Toddler's Perspective

Episode 11: Athlete Nutrition Profile - Coach John Honerkamp

Episode 12: Athlete Nutrition Profile - Coach Mario Fraioli of The Morning Shakeout

Episode 13: Sports Nutrition Principles with Tailwind R&D Director, Dr. Art Zemach 

Episode 14: Ask me Anything #2 - Your Nutrition Questions Answered

Episode 15: Happy Thanksgiving (featuring my toddler)

Episode 16: Athlete Nutrition Profile - Recreational Cyclist and Runner, Jacqui Cincotta

Episode 17: Athlete Nutrition Profile - Ultrarunner, Mountaineer, and Adventure Racer, Marshall Ulrich

Episode 18: Mastering the Marathon with Shaun Penrod

Episode 19: Athlete Nutrition Profile - Outdoor Sports Journalist and Author, Lisa Jhung

Episode 20: Athlete Nutrition Profile - Running Legend, Meb Keflezighi

Episode 21: Food Allergies & Intolerances - A Discussion with Chelsey Amer, MS RD

Episode 22: Nourish Your Mind - Dr. Ashley Selkirk on Mental Health During the Global Pandemic

Episode 23: Athlete Nutrition Profile - Elite Runner and Running for Real Podcast Host, Tina Muir

Episode 24: Athlete Nutrition Profile - Elite Ultrarunner, Courtney Dauwalter

Episode 25: Infant and Toddler Nutrition - A Discussion with Pediatric Dietitian, Pegah Jalali, MS RD

Episode 26: Athlete Nutrition Profile - Elite Ultrarunner and (mostly) Vegan Athlete, Mike Wardian

Episode 27: Athlete Nutrition Profile - Ali on the Run Show Host, Ali Feller, on life with Crohn's Disease

Episode 28: Gastrointestinal Issues & Athletes - A Chat with Registered Dietitian, Anne Mauney

Episode 29: When Races are Cancelled, Create Your Own Adventures - A Detailed Look into My California Trail Running "Event"

Episode 30: Back in NYC!

Episode 31: Mike McKnight Returns - Running 100 miles on Zero Calories and the Colorado Trail FKT

Episode 32: Athlete Nutrition Profile - Senior Peloton Instructor & Masters World Champion Track Cyclist, Christine D'Ercole

Episode 33: Athlete Nutrition Profile - Team New Zealand Captain and Winner of World's Toughest Race: Eco Challenge Fiji, Nathan Fa'avae

Episode 34: Athlete Nutrition Profile - Elite Vegan Ultra-Runner and Coach, Yassine Diboun

Episode 35: Supplements - An In-Depth Discussion with Sports Dietitian, Kelly Jones MS, RD, CSSD, LDN

Episode 36: Current Nutrition Research with Sports Dietitian, Kelly Pritchett, PhD

Episode 37: Athlete Nutrition Profile - Cross-Country Skier and Olympic Gold Medalist, Jessie Diggins

Episode 38: Ask me Anything #3 (plus a personal announcement!)

Episode 39: Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport - A Discussion with Kristin Duyn, MScN

Episode 40: Athlete Nutrition Profile - Elite Ultra-Runner and Coach, Lisa Smith-Batchen

Episode 41: Athlete Nutrition Profile - Elite Skyrunner, Scientist, Coach, and Author, Hillary Allen

Episode 42: Athlete Nutrition Profile - Recreational Ironman Triathlete, Kenny Brighton

Episode 43: "High Performance Nutrition for Masters Athletes" - A Discussion with Sports Dietitian Lauren Antonucci, RDN, CSSD, CDE, CDN

Episode 44: 40th Birthday Type 2 Fun - Sean O'Brien Trail Marathon Race Recap

Episode 45: Athlete Nutrition Profile - Ultrarunner Veronica Leeds