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Claire has contributed her advice to a wide variety of media outlets and publications, including:

Shape Magazine nutrition article
Plant-Based Recipes Perfect for Vegan Athletes
Strength Runnng podcast Jason Fitzgerald
Financial Times running marathon nutrition article
Backpacker hiking nutrition article competitor running nutriton article intermittent fasting for athletes
How To Fuel For A Morning Run
Food & Wine article nutrition
Is Intermittent Fasting a Good Idea for Athletes?
NY1 news nutrition segment
Runners World Boston Marathon running article
Well Seek sports nutrition article
ClassPass nutrition article exercise
Thrillist nutrition article
Well Seek sports nutrition article
Under Armour nutrition article
Three Ways to Prevent Overtraining

Eating Before Running Is An Art

Aaptiv nutrition article fat burning
DIY Active article nutrition
The Clip Out Peloton fan podcast nutritio talks
Athletic nutrition article salon article marathon running coaching NYC
Rashti & Rashti baby kids pregnant expecting mothers
Real Women Run running story Sam Murphy

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