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Work with Claire

I offer a variety of services, including virtual nutrition counseling sessions (booking page here or below), in-person or virtual nutrition lectures (sports teams, destination training camps, corporate or wellness events, academic institutions), social media collaborations, collaborative blog posts, and more.


My Philosophy and Nutrition Approach 


I don't believe there is one single path or "diet" that leads to optimal health and sports performance. If you're familiar with my podcast, that is what I strive to demonstrate through my Athlete Nutrition Profile series. We all have different nutrition needs, food preferences and beliefs, lifestyles, medical histories, etc, and thus I tailor each session to each unique client. We identify the client's goals and work together to figure out the most realistic and sustainable ways to achieve them while still living (and enjoying!) everyday life. That means no calorie or macro counting, generic meal plans, or strict diets. Instead, I provide my clients with individualized nutrition recommendations (e.g. nutrient intake goal ranges, a variety of meal and snack ideas, education on relevant topics, etc.) and specific feedback on other areas related to the client's health and fitness objectives (e.g. sleep, stress, training, labwork, etc). 

How I Work with Private Nutrition Clients


Prior to our initial evaluation, you will provide me with background information via my new client Health History Questionnaire, which I review in advance. During our first session, I will review your complete history beyond the information you provided, get a sense of what a typical day looks like, and provide feedback to help you get on the best path to achieve the goals you communicate to me. Immediately following our session, I will email you a list of specific, achievable action items to work on. The first follow-up session (60 minutes) is usually 1 week after the initial session, and is spent reviewing/revising your prior goals, analyzing your food journal, strategizing how to overcome any challenges you may have faced, and anything else you want to spend time discussing. My average client usually needs at least two or three 60-minute follow-up sessions before we can drop down to 30-minute sessions, and these follow up sessions are often spaced 2-3 weeks apart, but this varies based on the client.  

How to Get Started


If you are a new client and would like to schedule an initial nutrition evaluation with me, please visit my Calendly page below for additional details, including my rates. After booking, you will receive links to my new client forms as well as an invoice to complete payment via your method of choosing (credit card, PayPal, Venmo etc). Discounted packages of follow-up sessions are available separately to existing clients, or a la carte sessions are available below. 


Want to make sure that we're the right fit?


I offer a FREE 15-minute phone consultation to potential new clients who would like to chat before booking a session. 

I look forward to working together on your nutrition goals!

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