I am incredibly excited to announce a project that I've been meaning to start for years and finally - at 33 weeks pregnant of course - have managed to launch...The Eat for Endurance Podcast!

Another Podcast?!

I know, I know...there are SO many out there, especially in the health/nutrition/fitness space. But I hope to offer something a little unique - or at least some inspiration, knowledge, and entertainment. 

You can expect a variety of formats, including solo episodes on various nutrition topics, interviews with fellow dietitians and other people of interest, and - what I am most excited about - my Athlete Nutrition Profile Series, which explores the life and careers of my guests through a nutrition lens. I would also love to record shorter episodes dedicated to answering YOUR burning nutrition questions! Email me if you'd like to submit one (or several) questions for my next Q&A episode! 

My Goals For the Podcast

The over-arching message I wish to send through The Eat for Endurance Podca...

Summer is rapidly approaching, which for many of my friends and clients means the start of Fall marathon training. Please find below my comprehensive Marathon Nutrition Guide to help you get to the start and finish line healthy and strong! 

Marathon Nutrition Guide

Marathon runners often focus heavily on their training but neglect their nutrition, which can have a significant impact on their health and fitness goals. Perhaps you can get away with just “winging it” during shorter training runs and races, but the marathon is another story. Whatever your goals may be as you embark on your training program – achieving a specific time, just finishing the race, losing weight, etc. – you need a tried and tested nutrition plan to help you cross the finish line injury-free and feeling strong!

Building Your Nutrition Base

When you think about marathon nutrition, you may conjure up images of gels, chews, protein bars, electrolyte drinks, and lots of pasta. Sports nutrition products and carb-rich food...

Whether you are a seasoned athlete or are thinking about starting a new exercise routine, it's important to take a good look at what you eat to make sure that you’re getting the most from your workouts. Just as you seek to establish a fitness baseline in your sport of choice at the start of any training program, consistent good nutrition forms the base of a successful sports nutrition diet. This requires more than simply eating enough to offset what you are burning through exercise. You have to make sure those calories are coming from the right food sources and in sufficient quantities to stay healthy and fuel and recover well from your workouts.

Generally speaking, try to create balanced meals and snacks (i.e. include protein, fat, and fiber, not just carbs) that feature a variety of nutrient dense foods (e.g. colorful fruits/vegetables, whole grains, nuts/seeds, different protein sources) to optimize health and performance and keep you satisfied. What you eat immediately before workou...

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