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Ep. 83: Athlete Nutrition Profile - Jonathan Levitt

Eat for Endurance Interview Jonathan Levitt For the Long Run Podcast

Welcome to Episode 83 of the Eat for Endurance Podcast, featuring Jonathan Levitt. Jonathan is based in Bolder, Colorado and wears many different hats as a runner, podcast host of For the Long Run, and senior sales executive over at Inside Tracker.

We had an awesome conversation on all things running and nutrition, and went off on more than a few tangents, which always makes for a fun episode. I particularly loved hearing about what Jonathan has learned from interviewing over 300 podcast guests, and talking about the many iterations of “Boulder average” that he’s encountered since moving out West. I’m also very curious to hear about his N of 1 40-day experiment with ketones, which we chat about towards the end.

I hope you all enjoy this one!

P.S. Exciting news - I finally started to record these interviews as video and audio, so if you prefer to watch your podcasts, check it out below. My previous 82 episodes are also available over on my YouTube page, but with a static image.


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