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Nutrition Counseling & Run Coaching

Working with Claire has been a total game changer for me.  I'd always struggled to figure out what healthy eating looks like - and swung from being overly restrictive to overly indulgent in the process.  I worked with several other dieticians in the past, but Claire was the only one who helped me achieve flexibility and balance in my diet.   Her down-to-earth and practical approach has helped me make sustainable changes.  I would have never imagined that making such simple shifts could lead to such a dramatic improvement in the way I feel!

- Lisa Z., Nutrition Client

Nutrition counseling review
Photography: ZocDoc

"Claire helped me get my energy back and I'm feeling great!  I met with Claire regarding lack of energy and also confusion about what I should be eating, not eating, etc. There is so much information on 'nutrition' everywhere now that I was totally at a loss and completely confused. I have always been a healthy eater, but working with Claire taught me how to balance out the types of things I was eating, and to eat more, and eat smart.  By making some critical adjustments and being more accountable for what/when/how much I was eating changed my energy levels completely. 

I have been sleeping better, and have had so much more energy for my exercise and my life in general. Claire is so genuine and so  energetic, and  every time we had a meeting I felt so inspired to keep working towards my goals that we set each meeting. I am preparing to train for a half marathon and will continue to work with Claire to make sure I am eating properly and my running workouts stay on track. What an amazing bonus to have a RD and a running coach!"  

-Teresa R., Nutrition Client

Matt Wilpers Peloton instructor and running coach

"I have had the pleasure of observing Claire run coach as well as nutrition coach. As a running and cycling coach with 10+ years of experience, a former Division I runner, an Ironman, and an avid cyclist, I have a great appreciation for nutrition and run coaching. With that said, it is one thing to understand the science behind nutrition and running, but it is very much another to convey it to people in a way that they understand and can internalize. Claire does an excellent job of both and as a result, her clients see great results."

-Matt Wilpers, Peloton Instructor and Running Coach

Photography: Daniel Paik

"Working with Claire has been a wonderful, enlightening experience. She has given me practical advice on how to eat to support my energy needs as an athlete while optimizing body composition. More importantly, she has given me a much deeper understanding of the hang-ups in my relationship with body image and food, how these influence my physical and mental health, and how to overcome them and build a relationship with food based on overall joy and wellbeing. I could not recommend Claire with greater warmth or enthusiasm."

-Veronica L., Nutrition Client

I have always enjoyed working out. Exercise for me keeps me happy and feeling strong both physically and mentally. My struggle has always been nutrition and portion control. As I moved into my 40s and made my way through grad school while working full time with a family my eating habits worsened. Over a span of 10 years I tried about every diet out there including The Zone diet, Paleo, Whole 30, low carb, low fat, vegan, etc. None of this was sustainable. Working with Claire and talking through my nutritional struggles was life changing. She helped me shift my focus away from diet and move towards something sustainable. I found what works for me and what keeps me satisfied and happy without feeling deprived. Thank you Claire!

-Sami W., Nutrition Client

I worked with Claire during the months leading up to my first NYC marathon, and I can say with confidence that I would not have made it to the finish line without her guidance. I’ve always been an avid gym goer and have run in numerous races, but this was my first 26.2. When my training runs started to get longer, I found myself feeling incredibly exhausted and hungry. Claire taught me how to listen to what my body was telling me and change my eating habits entirely. Even after the first week, I felt a dramatic change all around. I felt less hungry, more energetic, and far more motivated. 

In addition to daily food consumption, Claire introduced me to a whole new world of sports nutrition that I barely knew existed. In contrast to daily nutrition, I found that I am far more picky when it comes to sports nutrition, which made fueling during long training runs exceedingly difficult. Claire was patient and helped me find the exact combination of energy chews and Tailwind that I could tolerate. There is no doubt that Claire is the reason I ran my first marathon in 4 hours, which is 30 minutes faster than what I had anticipated before I started training. 


Claire is energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate about what she does, which is what made working with her so enjoyable. Working with Claire helped me get past the physical and mental barriers of marathon training, which included eating far more than I would have ever allowed myself to. She helped me adjust my daily lifestyle and taught me valuable lessons in nutrition that are applicable and transferrable to life outside of marathon training. 


Thank you, Claire! I could not have done it without you! 

-Julie Greene, Nutrition Client

"Coach Claire helped me successfully cross the finish line of my first 50 mile ultra-marathon - the Mount Hood 50! I had a number of marathons under my belt, but I was looking for a coach that could guide me through the new world (to me) of not only ultras but also trail running. Coach Claire provided clear and thorough guidance throughout the whole training process, including clear weekly training schedules and tips for how to approach each workout. She was always quick to answer any questions I had. Little did I know, but trail running is a whole different ballgame than road racing, but Coach Claire shared her trail experience and gave great advice. It was an amazing experience and I am confident Coach Claire will be the best guide for your next running adventure!"

-Lesley K., Run Coaching Client 

"I had the pleasure of working with Claire to prepare for my first Ironman.  Claire really helped me focus on my daily meal plan during the months of training leading up to the race and then to dial-into my nutrition plan for race day.  We experimented with different options during my long training days until we came up with a plan that we thought would work best for me. I kept to the plan on race day and was able to maintain the necessary energy throughout. Thanks to Claire I had a great race and exceeded my expectations."

-Jennifer F., Nutrition Client 

New York City Marathon nutrition running client
2016 NYC marathon with client Myles

"Much of my sub-3 hour marathon success in the NYC Marathon I owe to Claire and her nutrition guidance. Claire showed me how it was possible to achieve my goal not only through proper, smart training and execution, but also through preparing my body with proper fuel and nutrition. At first, we looked at what I do on the typical, average day to get a basis for what kind of nutrition I actually need. I had never really understood what, how much, and at what times I should be consuming certain nutrition. Before, I underestimated the importance of consuming protein (from real food sources) following a hard workout. After doing many different types of test, some medical (RMR), some physical (practicing with different gels), and some experiential (keeping a food log), I came to understand what works the best for my body and my specific dietary needs.


One of my biggest takeaways from working with Claire was the importance of testing out your nutrition and fuel plan for race-day well ahead of time. With a detailed plan in hand and a deeper understanding of the factors that could potentially derail this plan, I felt better prepared than I would have otherwise because I had already tried it out at least once. So even when marathon day turned out to be warmer than expected and I felt like I was loosing more water and salt through sweat than expected, taking the extra salt pill that I had reserved made a significant difference. Today, I feel much better about being able to support my training needs and adapting my nutrition needs for any circumstance."

-Myles L., Nutrition Client

"Claire was my 3rd Running coach and my 4th Nutritionist. After a health scare in December of 2013, I took up running and a healthy lifestyle. Besides the countless articles and videos on healthy eating and exercise, I met with 3 nutritionists to help me down the right path. Some played a positive role in helping me adjust to a balanced diet and some just offered pills and weird eating habits.


By 2015, I was set in my ways, down 50lbs, keeping it off and seeing remarkable results with my bloodwork. BUT I realized that even with VERY healthy habits, I needed to course correct again and wanted to do so in conjunction with training for my second marathon. As a Registered Dietitian and Certified Running Coach, Claire seemed like the perfect fit. Even the name of her website, Eat for Endurance, was in line with my needs. After a brief chat with her on the phone, I made our first nutrition appointment and signed up for her online run coaching services.

2016 NYC marathon with client Mike
New York City Marathon nutrition running client

After our initial nutrition consultation, I scheduled regular sessions to review my overall diet and how to fuel my long training runs. We scheduled parallel tracks to help with running and nutrition, and running nutrition (there’s a difference). It was important that we first spend time on my overall nutrition, and Claire was able to make several minor changes to my already healthy eating habits by creating balance with every bite. Instead of just an apple, for example, add nut butter. Instead of just raw veggies, add hummus. It kept me satisfied for longer and allowed me to wean myself off of more processed foods.


Claire also created a training program for me with daily descriptions of where, how long and what type of workout I should do. For coaching, we mainly communicated through the comments section of my training program spreadsheet, though we also exchanged emails and had brief phone chats. This worked out perfectly for my schedule. Three months later, I completed my 2nd NYC Marathon and shaved 13 minutes off of last year’s time. More importantly, I had a good race. Besides the inevitable challenges a marathon can bring (like hills in SI, Brooklyn, the 59th Street Bridge and mile 22), I felt strong throughout the 4:13:55.


I want to thank Claire for her help, guidance and commitment to a healthy lifestyle. I look forward to our continued relationship as I set my 2017 goals!"


-Mike L., Nutrition & Run Coaching Client           

Corporate Wellness nutrition lecture at Cisco

"I wanted to thank you for your guidance and expertise concerning my diet and training. I am in the best shape of my life right now...largely thanks to your dieting suggestions and running advice. I have lost 4% body fat and am very lean. Your advice to improve my running has been especially valuable and I am a more efficient runner. Acknowledging that I already had a good diet and was in good shape, i now know there is always room for improvement. You Rock!"


-Gary P., Nutrition Client 

"Today was the first time I got on the scale since I came home from the Bahamas. At that time I weighed 218 lbs. By the time I met with you, I weighed 215 lbs. Today, I weighed in at 202!!! I feel great and can't believe how much weight I've lost in the last 6 weeks. Thanks again for your help!!"

-Chuck, Nutrition Client 

Nutrition Lectures

Cisco Corporate Wellness Lecture
Finish Line PT NYC marathon event with John Honerkamp and Mary Arnold
Finish Line PT 2018 NYC Marathon Panel Event

"Whenever we have an event that calls for a nutritionist, there's no question - we always go to Claire. Her experience as a runner and knowledge of healthy eating and fueling has proved time and time again to be invaluable. Nutrition is often a missing piece of the performance puzzle and Claire does an incredible job of connecting with our clients and athletes to provide them with essential information to reach their goals."

- Michael Conlon, Owner of Finish Line Physical Therapy and Coach

"I had the pleasure of working with Claire Shorenstein when she appeared as a guest speaker in Front Runner New York’s 2016 Speaker Series. As both a nutritionist and RRCA Coach, and an experienced ultra-marathoner, Claire is uniquely skilled. Not only was her talk on diet and nutrition for runners exceptionally illuminating, she went out of her way to tailor her presentation to our running club’s specific needs and interests. She was generous with her time and knowledge and genuinely interested in helping us all become healthier (and faster!) runners. We’re looking forward to bringing her back again!"

-Alan Brown, Board of Directors, Front Runners New York Running Club 

Sports Nutrition lecture to a running club team
Performance sports nutrition lecture to the NYU Nutrition & Health class
Front Runners Sports Nutrition Lecture

"Claire is my go-to guest lecturer for the performance nutrition component of the Nutrition and Health course that I teach at NYU. Students are very interested in sports nutrition, so I rely on Claire to deliver an evidence based, informative, and highly engaging lecture. As a former NYU graduate and sports nutrition expert, Claire creatively combines academic coursework with real-life case examples. My students always rate this class as one of the highlights of the course! I highly recommend Claire as a guest academic lecturer."

-Amy Morel L'Horset MS, RD, CDE, Adjunct Instructor, Department of Nutrition and Food Studies, NYU Steinhardt 

NYU Performance Nutrition lecture

All testimonials quoted directly from clients and published with their permission.

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