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What my clients are saying...

1:1 Nutrition Coaching

"I started working with Claire while training for my first marathon, having never experimented with sports nutrition and while navigating a tricky relationship with food, body, and exercise. Claire’s realistic advice and strategies were absolutely what got me to the start line of that race healthy, fueled me to finishing in a time that I wouldn’t have believed was possible a few short months before, and helped me recover strong and start training for the next one. Claire was also incredibly persistent in helping me solve a complicated GI situation—I received many emails that started with “oh, and I had one more idea to try…!”—tapping into her deep knowledge of sports and general nutrition and always seeking new information and suggesting new potential solutions. With her help, I have come so far in dialing in both my sports and daily nutrition, kept GI issues under control, and taken my marathon time down 36 minutes in one year, achieving my first Boston- and New York City-qualifying times. I can’t recommend working with Claire enough, and I truly believe it is what has made all the difference in my active lifestyle. Her advice is truly individualized and realistic—something you can’t get from a few slides on Instagram or a generalized guideline."


Running nutritionist Claire Shorenstein

"Working with Claire has been a total game changer for me.  I'd always struggled to figure out what healthy eating looks like - and swung from being overly restrictive to overly indulgent in the process.  I worked with several other dietitians in the past, but Claire was the only one who helped me achieve flexibility and balance in my diet. Her down-to-earth and practical approach has helped me make sustainable changes. I would have never imagined that making such simple shifts could lead to such a dramatic improvement in the way I feel!"

Lisa Z.

"My initial goals included prepping for a half marathon, potentially losing weight and adjusting my general nutrition. I was super well prepared for the half I ran, and have run much longer races (and long runs) with total confidence in how I'm fueling and hydrating. Learning about sodium in particular was a complete game changer and something I would have never thought about. Outside of running, I've become much more flexible in how I'm eating on a regular basis and am much more focused on the process of enjoying what I'm eating, having a varied diet, letting go of old beliefs. I find myself a lot less attached to size/shape and more focused on endurance, strength, and enjoyment of running which wasn't a goal I came into our work with, but is certainly a huge positive. Around running, I am now fueling adequately and flexibly, know how much to eat and have options on how to get there, and eat before and after long runs to prepare for and recover more effectively. I don't take any vitamins, supplements, pre-workouts, etc anymore and I really like that In every day life. I'm not scared of foods I like, my diet is more diverse, I have less rules around what/when I'm eating, less shame around eating things that used to cause me distress, and more knowledge around how to "build" a meal or snack."


"Claire helped me get my energy back and I'm feeling great!  I met with Claire regarding lack of energy and also confusion about what I should be eating, not eating, etc. There is so much information on 'nutrition' everywhere now that I was totally at a loss and completely confused. I have always been a healthy eater, but working with Claire taught me how to balance out the types of things I was eating, and to eat more, and eat smart.  By making some critical adjustments and being more accountable for what/when/how much I was eating changed my energy levels completely. I have been sleeping better, and have had so much more energy for my exercise and my life in general. Claire is so genuine and so  energetic, and  every time we had a meeting I felt so inspired to keep working towards my goals that we set each meeting. I am preparing to train for a half marathon and will continue to work with Claire to make sure I am eating properly and my running workouts stay on track."

Teresa R.

"I have had the pleasure of observing Claire run coach as well as nutrition coach. As a running and cycling coach with 10+ years of experience, a former Division I runner, an Ironman, and an avid cyclist, I have a great appreciation for nutrition and run coaching. With that said, it is one thing to understand the science behind nutrition and running, but it is very much another to convey it to people in a way that they understand and can internalize. Claire does an excellent job of both and as a result, her clients see great results."

Matt Wilpers

Peloton Instructor & Coach

Matt Wilpers Peloton bike and running coach in new york city

"I started working with Claire honestly thinking I had a diagnosable binge eating disorder. She quickly gave me some tools, feedback, and ideas to stay nourished and fed throughout the day. In a matter of weeks, I was adding carbs to all meals, adding snacks, and veggies to most meals. I all of the sudden felt so calm in my brain, and when I'd go out to eat I wasn't needing to eat everything on my plate. I was able to stop at fullness. Living in the gray feels harder than just tracking calories/macros but it also feels more worthwhile + sustainable."


“Thank you for the guidance you provided me over the last few months of Ironman prep. The information you gave me was so helpful on race day. I stuck to the plan, which led me to feel so good on the run, and finished much faster than I anticipated. You're awesome and I'm so grateful you were on my team :)”

Sarah B.

"Claire helped in so many ways. We worked through my food triggers and food-related trauma to ultimately make food neutral. She gave me so much information on running nutrition and helped me fit the nutrition goals into my lifestyle/preferences. After working with Claire, I know exactly how to fuel my races/runs and I have noticed a huge difference in my overall energy levels and longevity in my running. I am also proud of the fact thatI feel so empowered with nutrition. There was a session where we had a pretty tough conversation on weightloss and at first, I was annoyed. But, I needed to hear it and her approaches have worked 1000x better. I have made peace with the fact that I will never be the 100lb skinny runner girl, that's literally never been my body so I am working with my body now and not against it. Her approach has been better for sustainable running fitness gains and weight (and just general health and food relationship...all of it!)."


"I had the pleasure of working with Claire to prepare for my first Ironman.  Claire really helped me focus on my daily meal plan during the months of training leading up to the race and then to dial-into my nutrition plan for race day.  We experimented with different options during my long training days until we came up with a plan that we thought would work best for me. I kept to the plan on race day and was able to maintain the necessary energy throughout. Thanks to Claire I had a great race and exceeded my expectations."

Jennifer F.

Marathon nutritionist Claire Shorenstein

"When I started working with Claire, I wanted to get a handle on fueling my training and also learn about endurance nutrition to prepare for my first marathon. It was definitely a learning curve, but I feel like I not only learned about how my body responds to nutrition, but also learned a lot that will help me with all of my training going forward. I managed to to run under 3 hours for my first marathon."

Josh G.

"Working with Claire has been a wonderful, enlightening experience. She has given me practical advice on how to eat to support my energy needs as an ultrarunner while optimizing body composition. More importantly, she has given me a much deeper understanding of the hang-ups in my relationship with body image and food, how these influence my physical and mental health, and how to overcome them and build a relationship with food based on overall joy and wellbeing. I could not recommend Claire with greater warmth or enthusiasm."

Veronica L.

"I started working with Claire to better structure my recovery nutrition and race day nutrition plans to meet my goal of sustaining higher training volume and improving marathon speed as I age. I have become much more informed, strategic, and intentional with my carbohydrate intake and fluids before and during hard workouts/long runs. This has helped my performance, my recovery, and my confidence! I also really appreciated the way she blends compassion with a no-nonsense approach."

Jessica S.

"I had two specific goals: increasing my blood iron levels and decreasing abnormally long periods of fatigue. I also had a more general goal of increasing my overall nutrition and developing healthy eating habits, especially now that I'm a master's runner. Now, the types of food that I eat are more diverse and nutritionally balanced. The times of the day that I eat are also more in tune with my body's needs, such as eating optimal quantities and ratios of protein, fat, and carbs before and after workouts. I also changed the timing of coffee intake to minimize interference between coffee and absorption of important nutrients. Finally, I modified my nutritional supplements to more accurately fit my specific needs (rather than following generic advice from the web). Overall I'm very satisfied with the guidance I received during our sessions. I feel like I've made several positive nutritional changes that are feasible to maintain in the long term."

Andrew L.

"I have always enjoyed working out. Exercise for me keeps me happy and feeling strong both physically and mentally. My struggle has always been nutrition and portion control. As I moved into my 40s and made my way through grad school while working full time with a family my eating habits worsened. Over a span of 10 years I tried about every diet out there including The Zone diet, Paleo, Whole 30, low carb, low fat, vegan, etc. None of this was sustainable. Working with Claire and talking through my nutritional struggles was life changing. She helped me shift my focus away from diet and move towards something sustainable. I found what works for me and what keeps me satisfied and happy without feeling deprived. Thank you Claire!"

Sami W.

"I worked with Claire during the months leading up to my first NYC marathon, and I can say with confidence that I would not have made it to the finish line without her guidance. Claire taught me how to listen to what my body was telling me and change my eating habits entirely. Even after the first week, I felt a dramatic change all around. I felt less hungry, more energetic, and far more motivated. In addition to daily food consumption, Claire introduced me to a whole new world of sports nutrition that I barely knew existed. Claire was patient and helped me find the exact combination of energy chews and Tailwind that I could tolerate. There is no doubt that Claire is the reason I ran my first marathon in 4 hours, which is 30 minutes faster than what I had anticipated before I started training. 


Claire is energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate about what she does, which is what made working with her so enjoyable. She helped me get past the physical and mental barriers of marathon training, which included eating far more than I would have ever allowed myself to. She taught me valuable lessons in nutrition that are applicable and transferrable to life outside of marathon training. Thank you, Claire! I could not have done it without you!"

Claire Shorenstein Sports Dietitian Nutritionist speaking at Cisco for a corporate wellness event

Cisco Corporate Wellness Lecture

Julie Greene

Claire Shorenstein supporting her nutrition client during the NYC marathon

2016 NYC marathon with Myles

"Much of my sub-3 hour marathon success in the NYC Marathon I owe to Claire and her nutrition guidance. Claire showed me how it was possible to achieve my goal not only through proper, smart training and execution, but also through preparing my body with proper fuel and nutrition. I had never really understood what, how much, and at what times I should be consuming certain nutrition. I came to understand what works the best for my body and my specific dietary needs. One of my biggest takeaways from working with Claire was the importance of testing out your nutrition and fuel plan for race-day well ahead of time. With a detailed plan in hand and a deeper understanding of the factors that could potentially derail this plan, I felt better prepared than I would have otherwise because I had already tried it out at least once. So even when marathon day turned out to be warmer than expected and I felt like I was losing more water and salt through sweat than expected, taking the extra salt pill that I had reserved made a significant difference. Today, I feel much better about being able to support my training needs and adapting my nutrition needs for any circumstance."

Myles L.

Performance Nutrition Lectures & Team Talks

Finish Line physical therapy NYC marathon panel event

Finish Line PT NYC Marathon Panel Event

"Whenever we have an event that calls for a nutritionist, there's no question - we always go to Claire. Her experience as a runner and knowledge of healthy eating and fueling has proved time and time again to be invaluable. Nutrition is often a missing piece of the performance puzzle and Claire does an incredible job of connecting with our clients and athletes to provide them with essential information to reach their goals."

Michael Conlon

Owner of Finish Line Physical Therapy & Coach

"I had the pleasure of working with Claire Shorenstein when she appeared as a guest speaker in Front Runner New York’s 2016 Speaker Series. As both a nutritionist and RRCA Coach, and an experienced ultra-marathoner, Claire is uniquely skilled. Not only was her talk on diet and nutrition for runners exceptionally illuminating, she went out of her way to tailor her presentation to our running club’s specific needs and interests. She was generous with her time and knowledge and genuinely interested in helping us all become healthier (and faster!) runners. We’re looking forward to bringing her back again!"

Sports Nutrition lecture to a New York City running club team

Front Runners Sports Nutrition Lecture

Alan Brown

Board of Directors, Front Runners New York Running Club

Performance nutrition lecture New York University Nutrition and Health class

NYU Performance Nutrition lecture

"Claire is my go-to guest lecturer for the performance nutrition component of the Nutrition and Health course that I teach at NYU. Students are very interested in sports nutrition, so I rely on Claire to deliver an evidence based, informative, and highly engaging lecture. As a former NYU graduate and sports nutrition expert, Claire creatively combines academic coursework with real-life case examples. My students always rate this class as one of the highlights of the course! I highly recommend Claire as a guest academic lecturer."

Amy Morel L'Horset MS, RD, CDE

Adjunct Instructor, Department of Nutrition & Food Studies
NYU Steinhardt 

All testimonials quoted directly from clients and published with their permission.

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