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Discount Codes and Recommended Products

Shop for all your favorite sports nutrition products (and discover some of mine) below! I have made it very clear which links/codes are affiliate ones. Also, please know that I NEVER promote products (and esp with affiliate links) that I don't stand behind and personally recommend to clients. All affiliate proceeds go towards supporting The Eat for Endurance Podcast!

Skratch Labs: 20% off with the code EATFORENDURANCE20 (affiliate link)

Tailwind Nutrition: Shop with my general affiliate link or get 25% off their STARTER KIT with code Eat4Endurance25

Precision Fuel & Hydration: 15% off when you shop using this link 

Momentous: 15% off with code EATFORENDURANCE15 (affiliate link)

Amazon Storefront: Some of my favorite sports nutrition, food, kitchen, and garden products curated for you! (affiliate links)

Stoked Oats: 15% off with the code STOKEDEFE (affiliate link). Love their products!

Fullscript Dispensary: Get 15% off when ordering supplements from my Eat for Endurance page on Fullscript (affiliate program). Fullscript carries many of my fav supplement brands, including Thorne, NOW, and more.

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