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1:1 Virtual Nutrition Coaching

I help my 1:1 clients engage in the activities that they love for as long as possible. No two clients follow the same journey. We explore your unique history, assess YOU as a whole person in the context of your busy life, and strategize together how we will achieve realistic health and performance goals. We deep dive into everyday eating, food and body image, performance nutrition, health markers, and anything else that you need to feel and perform your best. 

Group Talks

I love to teach and have given in-person and virtual nutrition lectures to sports teams, training camps, large corporations, small businesses, academic institutions, retail stores, and more! I work with you to fully customize my talk to your group's needs. Please email me at or use my contact form linked below to discuss my availability and rates.

On-Demand Digital library

1:1 coaching not your thing? No problem. I offer a wide range of educational materials for active individuals seeking guidance on everyday and performance nutrition at an affordable price. This includes short digital downloads as well as a comprehensive self-paced course. Visit my Teachable School below to browse my current catalogue of free and for-purchase offerings. And don't forget to check out my podcast and blog for additional FREE resources!


I love collaborating with brands that align with my nutrition philosophy and approach. I offer social media partnerships, podcast sponsorships, panel participation, interviews, presentations, blog posts, and more. You can review my media kit for more information about my business and experience. Please email me at or use my contact form linked below to discuss further!

  • Full assessment of your current nutrition status

  • Detailed notes and plan after appointments

  • Food journal review 1-2 times a month

  • Individualized nutrient recommendations

  • Meal and snack ideas, in line with your dietary preferences 

  • Lab interpretation (testing available too, for an additional fee)

  • Personalized performance nutrition recommendations, including before, during, and after exercise

  • Customized race week and race day nutrition plan, if relevant 

  • Individualized nutrition handouts and other helpful resources

  • Client-only supplement and sports nutrition discounts

  • Easy-to-use client portal, including an app to access on the go

  • Gut microbiome testing (GI-Map) and interpretation (additional fee)

  • Someone who is 1000% invested in YOU and your progress

1:1 virtual Nutrition Coaching

If you're ready to go all in to transform your nutrition, health, and performance, 1:1 coaching is for you. Here’s what you can expect: 

Personalized nutrition coaching with endurance nutritionist Claire Shorenstein

I've worked with hundreds of athletes over the last 10 years, and here's what they have to say about 1:1 nutrition coaching.

Monthly Programs

Monthly programs provide structure and accountability over a set period of time to help you achieve your goals. You get two virtual sessions per month, scheduled feedback forms that I review during non-session weeks to make sure everything is on track and to celebrate your wins along the way, and unlimited chat access to me through your client portal to continue our in-depth work outside of session time. Essentially, you have me in your pocket, ready to provide support and answer questions whenever you need me!

The 2-month program follows this live session schedule:

Week 1: 75 minute Initial Evaluation 

Week 3: 50-minute follow-up session 

Week 5: 30-minute follow-up session

Week 7: 30-minute follow-up session

The 3-month program (and any additional months) continues on this schedule:

Week 9: 30-minute follow-up session

Week 11: 30-minute follow-up session

Clients who purchase my 3-month 1:1 program get my self-paced course, Peak Performance for Endurance Athletes, for FREE! That's a $450 bonus. You also get an awesome Eat for Endurance technical trucker hat and sticker. 

At the conclusion of each program, we will assess your progress and determine if additional sessions are needed. You may continue with additional months or a la carte sessions.

Cost: Varies, starting at $699/month for the 3-month program

A la Carte Sessions

I offer a la carte sessions primarily to existing and returning clients. If it has been more than a year since our last session, you may need to complete another initial evaluation. Otherwise, you can purchase individual 50-minute and 30-minute folIow-up sessions or a discounted 5-pack of follow-ups at 5% off (must be used within 5 months). 


If you're a new client, I highly recommend a monthly program, but will consider offering this service to you depending on your needs. Please fill out a new client inquiry form so I can determine if a la carte makes sense for you. 

Please note that the a la carte option has limited support between sessions, and that is why it's priced differently. 

Cost: Varies, starting at $175 per 30-minute session

Next Steps

Please fill out the new client inquiry form below to get things started. Then, book a FREE 10min call to make sure we're the right fit and ask any questions you might have about the coaching process. 

Please note: I do not accept health insurance, but I'm happy to provide an invoice that you can submit to insurance for reimbursement if you have out-of-network benefits or an HSA. 

New Client Inquiry form

Grab my FREE Fueling Before Exercise Mini Guide

It's filled with practical tips and visuals to help you individualize your fueling and hydration plan before exercise. You'll also get a monthly newsletter with additional nutrition recs, recipes, podcast episodes, subscriber-only discounts and more.

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