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Sports Dietitian Nutritionist Runner in California

Hi, I'm Claire!

I'm a Board-Certified Sports Dietitian (MS RD CSSD), distance runner, and host of The Eat for Endurance Podcast. With nearly a decade of experience working with active individuals, I'm here to help YOU feel and perform your best without sacrificing all the fun in your life!

My Nutrition Philosophy & Approach

The food we put into our bodies has a massive impact on how we perform - not just in our athletic endeavors, but also in our daily lives. Imagine giving your body the fuel that it actually needs, rather than constantly putting nutrition on the back burner or trying to get away with the bare minimum. What do you think would happen?


I can tell you what I've witnessed and learned from nearly a decade of working with athletes at all levels. Feeding yourself adequately will not only help you excel in your sport or exercise routine, but will also improve things like energy levels, sleep, recovery, mood, gut function, and other health markers. You may notice fewer extreme cravings, swings in hunger, struggles to "control yourself" around food, bouts of illness, and more. You may actually be able to think about something other than food all the time, and instead focus on living and enjoying your life. 


My 1:1 coaching programs and the other nutrition resources I've created promote individualized and sustainable nutrition plans that give your unique body what it needs so that you can experience all of the above and more. I want my clients to feel empowered to achieve realistic health and performance goals while still enjoying the many roles that food plays in their lives. 


As a working parent and athlete myself, I also understand how challenging it can be to prioritize your nutrition and health while living a busy lifestyle. We're all trying our best to find time to prepare food, exercise, work, manage the household, parent, sleep, spend time with loved ones, take time for ourselves, and deal with whatever curve balls life throws our way. It may feel impossible to find balance between these things because it IS. I meet you wherever you are, and we focus on small, achievable changes that can lead to significant results over time. 


Remember, we're not trying to eat "perfectly" - that doesn't exist - and there is no single best "diet" for health and performance. We are all (myself included) doing our best on any given day, and we work together to figure out what is right for YOU, in this season of your life.

So whether you're training for a specific event, looking to fine-tune your exercise and eating patterns, or seeking help with other goals, I am here to support you with practical, achievable, and evidence-based nutrition recommendations. 

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