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Ep. 88: Athlete Nutrition Profile - Masters Runner Trey Duncan

Eat for Endurance Podcast Athlete Nutrition Profile Trey Duncan

Welcome to Episode 88 of the Eat for Endurance Podcast, featuring Masters distance runner Trey Duncan. 

Trey is a former nutrition client of mine, and he recently ran 2:57 and placed second in his age group at the LA marathon. What a different place he is in now compared to just two years ago, when he was suffering from years of alcohol abuse and was about to enter rehab.

Trey originally contacted me for nutrition coaching in August 2022, right after he got sober. He had started distance running again and needed a major overhaul of his everyday diet (he was underweight and underfueled), a lot of education surrounding performance nutrition especially for his longer runs, and tons of work on other things like sleep and stress management. I also recommended him to a coach so that he could train smarter, as he was prone to overtraining.

Trey would occasionally get in touch after we stopped working together to share some wins with his running, and most recently he texted me about his LA marathon results. After we caught up for a bit, he sent me a photo of him passed out on the streets of LA from just two years ago along with a photo from his recent marathon finish. That’s what prompted me to ask him to come on the show to share his powerful story.

If you are struggling or have ever struggled with any form of addiction, I hope his story resonates and helps to show just how dramatically life can change over a relatively short period of time.


Disclaimer – all information provided is for educational and entertainment purposes only and is in no way meant to replace individual medical and nutrition recommendation.


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