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Episode 85: Athlete Nutrition Profile: Ultrarunner Janet Cunningham

Recreational ultrarunner Janet Cunningham

Welcome to Episode 85 of the Eat for Endurance Podcast, featuring back of the pack trail and ultra runner Janet Cunningham.

Janet is a mental health professional and a fan of the podcast, and she reached out to me awhile back to share her nutrition story. You all enjoy the professional athletes I have on here, but many of you have asked for me to interview more recreational athletes as well, since they are often a bit more relatable.

Janet has had quite the journey with her nutrition and athletic pursuits, and like all of us, she is still on that journey. She started out swimming and rowing as a teenager and young adult, and discovered running and eventually ultra running about five years ago.

Janet discusses her struggles with body image, overcoming REDS and injuries, how important community and individual support has been to her recovery and athletic success, and much more.

I hope you enjoy her story - and if you would like to share yours with me, get in touch!


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