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Ep. 65: Iron Deficiency and Injury Nutrition with Kelsey Pontius, RD CSSD

Nutrition during injury and iron status in runners

Welcome to episode 65 of the Eat for Endurance podcast, featuring sports dietitian Kelsey Pontius, RD LDN CSSD. Kelsey is the founder of her private practice, Meteor Nutrition, and is a talented distance runner as well, qualifying for both the 2020 and 2024 US Marathon Olympic Trials. 

Kelsey and I chat in depth about two topics that we frequently address with our athletes - iron deficiency and nutrition during injury.

Here’s an overview of what we cover:

  • Why iron is such a key micronutrient for athletes 

  • How we, as dietitians, assess if an athlete’s iron status is optimal

  • All the other micronutrients that are essential to your iron status

  • Iron supplementation

  • How frequently athletes with low ferritin should get bloodwork done

  • Nutrition strategies for injury prevention

  • Nutrition strategies to recovery from various types of injuries

  • The importance of cultivating hobbies/interests other than exercise 

We hopefully answer any and all questions you might have on these important issues, but of course, if you have more questions, please get in touch!


Disclaimer – all information provided is for educational and entertainment purposes only and is in no way meant to replace individual medical and nutrition recommendations.


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