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Ep. 91: Nutrition for Injury Recovery with Callie Roseland, MS RD CSSD

Nutrition for injury recovery with Sports Dietitian Callie Roseland

Welcome to Episode 91 of the Eat for Endurance Podcast, featuring Callie Roseland, MS RD CSSD. Callie is a tactical Performance Dietitian and athlete, and we're chatting about nutrition for injury recovery. 

We cover a lot in this episode, including:

  • Injury prevention (briefly)

  • Nutrition strategies to recovery from a variety of injuries (soft tissue, bone, concussions, surgical vs non-surgical, etc)

  • When supplementation may be appropriate, and which ones may be recommended

  • The emotional stress of injury and how this affects nutrition

  • Pain management

  • Nutrition when returning to sport

I hope you enjoy this episode and find it helpful! If you want to learn even more about nutrition for injuries, I covered this topic from a slightly different angle with another Sports RD in Episode 65. 

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Today’s episode is sponsored by CurraNZ, a capsule-based supplement made from New Zealand blackcurrants. It’s Informed Sport certified and backed by over 50 published research studies, supporting potential benefits to recovery, gut health, performance, and more. CurraNZ is offering podcast listeners 20% off with code EforEndurance if you’d like to try out their product! 


Disclaimer – all information provided is for educational and entertainment purposes only and is in no way meant to replace individual medical and nutrition recommendations


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